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Mogmo - Book base:

Complete solution for Comics publishers to Digitize, Convert and Deliver digital books!


  • Scanned images automatic enhancement
  • Comics frames automatic recognition platform
  • Comics text balloons automatic recognition
  • Mobile, IPhone, PC viewers
  • DRM protection


  • Deliver comics as they drawn by author. No page cut, no picture changes!
  • Give publisher semi automated platform to save processing time and cost!
  • Protect content!
  • Give end user most natural way to read comics with only one button on any device!
Book base


  • Save money
    Scanned book images first go to automatic image enhancement engine, which makes them look ideally without any human attention. Many companies spending hundred thousands of dollars for this operation, while Mogmo automates this and deliver better quality and speed!
  • Deliver fast
    Enhanced images go to frames recognition engine, which works dramatically fast and after checking by editor gives special mobile format as output.
  • Protect you content
    Created mobile books are highly protected and can be delivered to a phone or PC.

Scanned images enhancement:

Mogmo platform automates:
  • Page alignment & rotation
  • Scan border removal (black area)
  • Per book page sizes equalization
  • Brightness, Contrast, Leveling
  • Smart denoise & sharpening

  • No additional software
  • Everything automated
  • Only one person to verify the result
  • ~7 min. per book (220 pages)
Comics translation

Comics translation
Comics translation
Comics translation
Comics translation
Comics translation

Page frames & text recognition:

Tool features:
  • 90% recognition accuracy.
  • Web based. Can be accessed by any editor in office or at home.
  • Language independent
  • Works with all types of art: black comics, complex frames, out of frame objects etc…
  • Highly usable: 1 Editor can check and correct 220 pages in 30 min.

Book base
Book base

Mobile viewer:

Core Format & viewer features:
  • Pages are shown as they was drawn by author, one by one. No frame cut, no graphics changes!
  • Smooth scrolling & frame zooming fits each frame in a screen!
  • Only one button to read a book.
  • Support of: 60% KETAI mobiles, IPod, IPhone. New platform support in 2 weeks.
  • Zoom to text balloons in case text is too small to read

Additional viewer features:
  • Landscape mode
  • Quick pages browser
  • Online Books shopping with billing solution (Buy & Read)
  • Windows, Mac Os versions
Book base

PC viewer:

Book base
Book base

Mogmo DRM:

Mogmo DRM is unique technology to protect your content. Technology approved by authors and publishers!

  • Based on user SIM card. Content can be watched by only one user!
  • Every page of a book is divided in many small pieces
  • Each small piece is encrypted with AES
  • Even using best image rippers to take out small image pieces from the Mogmo format you will get corrupted data, because each piece is encrypted!
  • There is NO WAY you can restore the pieces!

Book base
Book base
Book base