Publishers & Aggregators

Mogmo - Book base:

Complete solution for Comics publishers to Digitize, Convert and Deliver digital books!


  • Scanned images automatic enhancement
  • Comics frames automatic recognition platform
  • Comics text balloons automatic recognition
  • Mobile, IPhone, PC viewers
  • DRM protection


  • Deliver comics as they drawn by author. No page cut, no picture changes!
  • Give publisher semi automated platform to save processing time and cost!
  • Protect content!
  • Give end user most natural way to read comics with only one button on any device!
Comics translation

Comics translation


  • Deliver fast
    It has never been so natural and easy to translate comic books as with Mogmo Comics Translation. Using advanced speech balloons detection and image enhancement technologies our service gives your translators an ability to work with pure text without removing their hands from keyboard. There is no need to explain to your workers the graphics layout or how to replace the text inside images. Mogmo Comics Translation does everything automatically!
  • Save money
    The automated and natural translation process dramatically increases the translator production speed. Working with Mogmo Comics Translation they work as with regular text editing tool. Moreover, Mogmo Comics Translation knows not only where to place the text, but also which size it should be and how to align it! Now one person can do more books in a day and you don’t need huge team of translators and managers anymore!
  • Scan and translate
    The quality of scanned images is always bad. With our special preprocessing tool for such images you will forget about all the troubles recovering scanned images in graphics software. Start working with just scanned images and our system will enhance them to the highest quality! Quality, which can be printed, or delivered to mobile devices and PC. Even distorted or rotated images will be fixed and aligned properly!
  • Complete workflow
    As we do understand the work flow of comics translation, we have prepared everything to switch your company to Mogmo Comics Translation without additional cost or loss of time. Register as a company and add all your managers and translators to your account. All of your workers can now access our system from their work places. You, as a leader and other managers can now get all the statistic about translators work to optimize the process!

Automatic text detection and extraction:

  • Language independent automatic text areas detection. Even text which is not in balloon.
  • Original text is extracted and can be always seen during the translation.
  • Detection accuracy is 80%.
  • Includes additional semi automated tools for extraction of missed text areas.
  • Simple exclusion of wrong detected areas by pressing ESC key.

Online WYSIWYG editing tool:

  • TAB key to switch between detected text areas
  • Current area is highlighted
  • Original text extracted and can be always seen in textarea on right side of screen
  • Just start typing and new text appear on page!

Scanned images enhancement:

Mogmo platform automates:
  • Page alignment & rotation
  • Scan border removal (black area)
  • Per book page sizes equalization
  • Brightness, Contrast, Leveling
  • Smart denoise & sharpening

  • No additional software
  • Everything automated
  • Only one person to verify the result
  • ~7 min. per book (220 pages)
Comics translation

Comics translation
Comics translation
Comics translation
Comics translation
Comics translation

Workflow to organize the process:

  • Online WEB service
  • Register your company and add supervisors and translators
  • Supervisors assign books to translators by simple upload of scanned pages
  • Translators may access the system from office or home and see their work queue
  • After the translation, supervisor can overview the quality and download the result
  • Result is provided as high quality enhanced images with embedded translation. Ready for printing!
  • Supervisor has complete statistic to optimize the translation process
Comics translation

Comics translation
Comics translation