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Shop of digital comics from book publishers and authors!

Comico is digital comics community, where publishers and authors convert their printed books in to digital format, protect them with DRM and sell for PC, Mac, IPhone and Mobile phones.

Comico   Comics WEB

Comico provides all kind of tools to automatically enhance scanned images, recognize comics frames and text balloons to make the digitizing process as cheap and as fast as possible.

Digitized books can be sold in Comico online shop as well as directly from publisher or author personal WEB site. Special WEB Widgets provided by Comico can be easily embedded in to any blog or company page.

Unique, patent pending Comics viewers cover most popular platforms: KETAI Mobiles, IPhone, Windows and Mac OS PC. Comico viewer for mobile phones and IPhone creates best user reading experience as it shows a book as it is, without any changes and cuts from pages. Special format with automatically recognized frames and text balloons gives user ability to read a book with only one button by zooming and sliding from frame to frame.

Comico unites most advanced technologies developed by Mogmo for well known publishers. Strong DRM protection and best image quality was approved by famous authors.

  Comics viewer for Mobile IPhone PC

Comico for Book Publishers and Authors:

Comico is the simplest and fastest way to reach your customer with your digital books. Once you join the community you will feel whole power of Comico and you don’t have to pay for anything!

Fill in your profile page and start publishing your digital books. All you need is scanned pages and don’t worry about bad quality of your scans! How much time and money you spend before to make scanned pages look perfectly? Every publisher knows this is painful task. You need a team of editors and special software.

Forget this all with Comico! Now we automated this process. Once you upload scanned book, system will automatically identify right levels, brightness and contrast for all you pages. More to say, Comico system will automatically align, rotate and remove black border which stayed after scanning. Unique algorithms will equalize all page sizes!

Scanned images enhancement:

  • Page alignment & rotation
  • Scan border removal (black area)
  • Per book page sizes equalization
  • Brightness, Contrast, Leveling
  • Smart denoise & sharpening

  • No additional software
  • Everything automated
  • Only one person to verify the result
  • ~7 min. per book (220 pages)
Comics translation

Comics translation
Comics translation
Comics translation
Comics translation
Comics translation

Next step is to recognize all the frames and text balloons of your book. And again, Comico automates all this! All you have to do is to check and correct system results if needed. Special online tool will help you to accomplish this task as fast as possible.

Tool features:

  • 90% recognition accuracy.
  • Web based. Can be accessed by any editor in office or at home.
  • Language independent
  • Works with all types of art: black comics, complex frames, out of frame objects etc…
  • Highly usable: 1 Editor can check and correct 220 pages in 30 min.

Comico - edit comics frames
Comico - edit comics text balloons

You are ready to publish your book and place it in to web shop. And don’t worry, your book is already DRM protected and watermarked for all the platforms supported by Comico.

Once you’ve created your book you can take Widget to place on your WEB site. Comico provides two types of Widgets: One for concrete book and second for all books you have published. Both of Widgets will guide your site visitor to the web shop where he can buy your book and get viewer for any platform!

Create comics book widget
Place comics book widget on your web site

Powerful statistic will show you how many visitors are coming to see your books and how much you earned from your sales.

Stream all the news about your newly published books in to Twitter and Facebook. Communicate with your customers to know the market needs. Comico is NEW and UNIQUE channel to promote yourself and monetize your books!

Comico for Book Readers:

Buy a book once and read it everywhere on any platform. Find your favorite authors, communicate and stay updated with their last books and artworks!

Comico is your comics community but not just a shop. Being on Comico means you always stay in touch with authors and other readers. You always know what to read next and are able to find out other people opinion about any book.

Once you buy a book it will be placed in to your Comico bookshelf. Now, you can get viewer for any of your platform and download your books to read them any time. Don’t worry, if your mobile is out of capacity, you can simply remove a book from it, but it will always stay in your Comico bookshelf!

Get PC viewer for your Windows or Mac OS platform and you will be able to synchronize all the books with your IPhone and Mobile phone!

All the viewers are powered with shop functionality. That mean, you are able to buy a book directly from Comico shop any time any place.

Build your Comico profile and tell people about your interests in comics area. Share your books collections and opinions. Rate books. Communicate with any author or publisher to know last news. Follow people to get all their updates!

Mobile viewer:

Core Format & viewer features:
  • Pages are shown as they was drawn by author, one by one. No frame cut, no graphics changes!
  • Smooth scrolling & frame zooming fits each frame in a screen!
  • Only one button to read a book.
  • Support of: 60% KETAI mobiles, IPod, IPhone. New platform support in 2 weeks.
  • Zoom to text balloons in case text is too small to read

Additional viewer features:
  • Landscape mode
  • Quick pages browser
  • Online Books shopping with billing solution (Buy & Read)
  • Windows, Mac Os versions
Book base

PC viewer:

Book base
Book base