SD to HD conversion - Super Resolution:

A super-resolution algorithm combines a sequence of low resolution frames of the same objects in order to significantly improve spatial resolution.

  • True HD:
    World’s only platform that can generate true HD from SD content
  • Quality improvements:
    Highly advanced up-conversion and scaling combined with significant quality improvements
  • 4 times resizing:
    Precise motion estimation & image reconstruction gives up to 4 times resizing
  • Deliver HD:
    Bring Your customers experience to the new level delivering beloved movies in HD quality
  • Expand services:
    Attract new customers with expanded range of services without additional investments
  Super resolution

1. Smart Interpolation:

  • Proprietary interpolation with nonuniform mesh
  • Weighted image enhancement: Proposed approach uses different weight coefficients for different mesh nodes to improve visual quality of interpolated images
Precise motion estimation

3. Accurate frame reconstruction:

  • Interpolated frame
  • Motion compensation from neighbor frames
  • Interpolation of noncompensated pixels from compensated and basic pixels
  • Middle-median time-filter
  • Adapted spatial filter
Upscaling PSNR

2. Precise motion estimation:

  • Custom high-quality search criteria
  • Proprietary motion analysis scheme
  • Quarter pixel precision
  • Background/foreground separation
  • Combining groups of pixels into objects

Accurate frame reconstruction

Super Resolution input and output formats:

Highly advanced video enhancement super-resolution technology combined with up-conversion and scaling delivering the world’s only platform that can generate true HD from SD content.

  • Input Formats (interlaced and progressive):
    525 i-p / 720 i-p / 1080 i-p / 59.94Hz
    1080 psf 23.98Hz
    625 i-p / 720 i-p / 1080 i-p / 50Hz
    1080 psf 24Hz
    1080 i-p / 720 i-p / 60Hz
  • Output Formats (interlaced and progressive):
    525 i-p / 720 i-p / 1080 i-p / 59.94Hz
    1080 psf 23.98Hz
    625 i-p / 720 i-p / 1080 i-p / 50Hz
    1080 psf 24Hz
    1080 i-p / 720 i-p / 60Hz

Products: Professional SR Upscaling Box

This hardware-based solution that comes in a form of video processing box is designed to serve as an upconversion platform for interlaced and progressive scan videos at content aggregation companies and TV broadcasting studios. It works with digital and analog input videos in the formats described above. This box provides a reliable and fast upconversion for medium and high load post production and conent storage facilities.

Products: Professional SR Software

This solution is best for low to medium load post production and content processing. It delivers the same SR Technology quality at a much lower price. The software runs under any linux-based OS on the intel(r) platform. The processing speed depends on the hardware (requirements upon request).

Products: Cunsumer "Mobile video content box"

Mobile video content box

Mobile video content box is a new consumer oriented product based on Mogmo's exclusive Super-Resolution and Video-enhancement technologies. It is used to upconvert, store and play in HQ videos from home SD camcorders and mobile phones. Mobile phone videos are generally impossible to view on a large screen TVs due to their poor quality and resolution.

MVCB system is designed to seamlessly integrate mobile phone videos into your home entertainment system taking their visual quality to a new level. Now you may leave your HD camcorder behind, shoot video with your mobile phone and still see everything in best quality on your TV.

MVCB box is connected to the TV and the phone or SD camcorder connects to it via USB. Using a handy remote control one may browse through the videos stored on device or on the phone and choose which to upconvert/play.


  • First of it's kind SR Upconversion and Video enhancement technology
  • High quality HDMI interface to connect to your TV
  • 2 USB port to connect your phones or external storages
  • 160 GB storage for your upconverted videos (up to 400 hours of video)
  • Sleek modern case design
  • Low energy consumption