Mogmo’s competitive products and technologies have enabled it to build strong global partnerships with industry leaders. Together with its partners, Mogmo is well positioned to meet local market requirements in various countries and address the end customers integration and product needs.


Since establishment in 1971, JCTV as a broadcasting provider has been building our own history in Japanese media market with Communication Satellite (CS) broadcasting services and television production division as our two main cornerstones.    

In 1984, JCTV has made exclusive broadcasting contract with CNN within Japanese Satellite Broadcasting and Cable Television area, which has enhanced CNN to grow into global network as it is known today.

As CNN’s partner in Japan, JCTV has expanded the CNN network throughout major hotels in metropolitan area, governmental offices, both domestic and foreign companies, Universities, and as well as cable television companies, which has grown to be more than 6.3 millions households.

JCTV has also been playing great roll in productive area since the establishment in 1971, and has been in expertise on news documentary programs, commercial, promotional video (music, company PR, etc.) producing.

JCTV will keep pursuing the pleasure of viewer’s needs, and we will keep on innovating with most up to date creativity.

Mogmo and JCTV announced a join-partnership in 2Q09 to expand the B2B business in Japan.

For additional information, you can check Japanese Mogmo web site.