Our Vision

Mogmo’s vision is to simplify the consumption, creation, delivery and management of digital content for the consumers, content owners, advertisers and broadcasters. Mogmo’s breakthrough search, recommendation and discovery engines are at the core of its converged content delivery platforms. Mogmo has attracted a team of intelligent, innovative and creative individuals who share a strong desire to achieve goals that have never been accomplished before.

Mogmo’s client/server platform solutions with streamlined user interfaces make it easy for consumers to discover, download, try, purchase and view digital content on any end-point device (mobile, PC or TV). Broadcasters and operators can integrate the system easily into existing infrastructure; generate additional revenue opportunities and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Content creators and owners can tap into new audiences and new channels with the confidence that their content will be protected from piracy and misuse. Advertisers can deliver targeted ads increasing ad effectiveness.

Mogmo’s primary market is B2B where it builds, sells & operates its client / server platform solutions to broadcasters, operators and business users with specialized content delivery requirements. Mogmo also runs a B2C business for comics and news delivery.

Mogmo and JCTV announced a join-partnership in 2Q09 to expand the B2B business in Japan.

Management team

Sandeep Kumar

Sandeep Kumar (Chairman & CEO):

Sandeep is a technology and business veteran. He is Chairman of Mogmo Inc. Sandeep has started and led several technology companies: including Ambrado (integrated multimedia solutions for HDTV & IPTV markets), Anthron (robotic software for entertainment and service robots), Adimos (wireless multimedia connectivity solutions) and Microstaq (advanced MEM’s flow control solutions). Sandeep is experienced in leading R&D teams, successfully commercializing emerging technologies, developing new businesses, M&A, forging strategic partnerships, and private equity investments. He was a Partner at Crimson Ventures and Executive Advisor to Jerusalem Venture Partners. Early in his career he was an executive at Texas Instruments and over a 15 year span held many different roles including GM (Cable Broadband Communications), Business Development Manager (DSP Group) and WW Development Manager (Automotive Microcontroller Group). He holds a MS in Solid State Electronics from University of Cincinnati and a B. Tech in Electronics from IIT New Delhi.
Abramov Egor

Egor Abramov (COO):

Mr. Abramov is Chief Operating Officer of Mogmo inc. He joined Mogmo after success of his first company TameJ. His background includes engineering team leadership in companies like Togethersoft and Borland, 7+ years work in advertisement market and 5+ years in usability engineering. Egor has strong experience in team management, market analysis and project planning. His commutability and charisma unites Mogmo team and drives the company to the new achievements!
Stanislavskiy Ivan

Ivan Stanislavskiy (CSO):

Mr. Stanislavskiy brings to Mogmo 10 years of design, research and development experience spanning the areas of distributed client-server solutions, mobile devices applications, media content processing, storage and delivery. As a Chief Science Officer he applies his innovative and original approach to on-going project management, day-to-day planning and product architecture development. His responsibilities also include on-site customer relations and presentation of Mogmo technologies at various trade shows and exhibitions.
Mikoni Alexander

Alexander Mikoni (CTO):

Mr. Mikoni is a person that combines his extensive engineering background with his creative spirit to inspire the team of Mogmo with new ideas for innovations. He is in charge of new product strategy development and product quality control. Mr. Mikoni has 15+ years of experience in fields that include software engineering, business development, product marketing and employee management. Before joining Mogmo he was a team leader in TogetherSoft.